school support

SYC -00249The VOYCE Schools Support strand of work is delivered primarily by Sheffield Young Carers VOYCE with additional support from Interchange and Chilypep. The key aim of this strand of work is supporting Young Carers to have the help and support they need as they move from primary to secondary school/further education, to be achieved by

    • working with a range of education and other service providers, supporting them to adopt a replicable model of awareness raising and direct support
    • reducing stigma associated with being a Young Carer
    • enabling Young Carers to be supported within the education environment, thereby improving the experiences for Young Carers and their families during these transitions, and reducing tensions between school and home life.

The VOYCE project is funded to work with three families of schools over four years to develop good practice that can be shared across the city. We work with the secondary school, which is the hub of the project, plus all the main feeder primary schools so that there is consistency of approach once young people transition across phases. We also work with the City’s main FE providers and training providers too to support transition at 16+ and with the City’s two Universities for 18+. We are strategically linked into Sheffield City Council’s Young Carers Strategy through our involvement in the Education and Attainment sub-group.

The support available for the schools falls largely onto four areas:

  • Strategic support – policies, protocols, self-analysis, action plans,

  • Training and awareness raising – Governors, SLT, pastoral lead roles, all staff - learning mentors, TAs, lunchtime supervisors etc

  • Identification of young carers – assemblies with follow up questionnaires, transition lessons in the secondary school, Art groups (which also address emotional well being)

  • Direct support for identified young carers – 1-1 and group sessions held in school, transition groups in June/July, follow up 1-1s or groups in new secondary school, access to summer activities programme.SYC -00516


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