Immediate cash – payday loan

In the case of a cash advance without remark, consumers first think about the cash payment of the loan, which in principle can even work. However, “cash advance” does not necessarily mean that the customer picks up his money in cash somewhere at the counter. A cash advance, whether with or without remark, is a loan that is available in full and can therefore be called up. There are quite different forms of credit, such as the well-known student loans, in which the borrower receives a monthly sum, or real estate loans, in which the bank pays the corresponding sum after completion of construction. These loans are not a cash advance.

Payday loan without remark: What is the meaning of the name?

The cash advance without remark is about trust like any other cash advance. A good example is the disposition credit, which can always be claimed. Self-employed persons often receive a current account or credit line on the business account. All these are classic cases in which bank professionals speak of a “cash advance”. For private consumers, the Payday loan without remark creates the same confidence: From the promise of a quick application check, they know that they will receive the money. However, there is a significant difference to the current account or current account overdraft, because the sum is generally paid out in full at a Payday loan without remark and is not occasionally claimed, then repaid, then re-claimed (like a disposition). Thus this loan resembled the usual consumer loan with normal remark query. One uses only the term “cash advance without remark” to guarantee the provision of the entire loan amount.

Where is the cash advance without remark?

This loan is unfortunately not available at a bank. The German financial institutions reject remarkfreie financings completely, even most of the known P2P portals (for loans from private investors) lead either always or for several years a remark query. The German banking industry relies heavily on the remark and the data it collects. If you are looking for a cash loan without remark, you can find it at a foreign bank. Many financial institutions in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and many other European countries have no business relations with the German remark. But this is not a continuous rule, some banks from France, Scandinavia or elsewhere operate in the German market and quite naturally perform a remark query. It is difficult for a German consumer to estimate in advance which banks they will be. Credit intermediaries have therefore made it their mission to organize the cash advance without remark at the known foreign banks.