Monday, June 24, 2019

No quarrel over money in Germany’s couples

Anyone who thinks that Germany’s couples often argue about joint finances is wrong. A recent forsa survey among cohabiting couples shows that only 15% of the relationship is more likely to be debated or argued over money matters. To keep it that way, couples should clarify financial issues early, advises CostDirekt.

Talking about money is often annoying to couples. But the recipe for success against dispute in the relationship is called: Talk. Is a household budget useful? Should savings be made for longer holidays or is weekly shopping more important? Who pays rent, utilities or train tickets to the loved one? If you decide early on which life plans both partners have and how to handle financial matters, misunderstandings and displeasure are avoided.

Mine, yours? Our !?

A shared account is the ultimate proof of love for many couples. Such an account is always practical for everyday life, because discussions about who pays what, no longer apply. But even the dispute is inevitable, for example, if the partner discovered on the bank statement debits, which he considers too expensive. Anyone opening a joint account should therefore specify exactly how much each partner contributes and what the money is used for. In addition, a separate account makes sense.

Honey, we have to talk

When it comes to old-age provision, only eleven percent of those surveyed by forsa rely completely on their partner or are responsible for the private pensions of themselves and their partners. Everyone else takes care of it together or individually. “Meaningful is a joint planning, in which each partner concludes his own contracts and is thus individually secured for old age,” says the precautionary expert Silke Barth of CostDirekt. The dispute over money does not even come up.

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