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Posted by on in Uncategorized

On 23rd July 2013 the VOYCE project went to the lifewise in Rotherham. The lifewise is an interactive learning centre, featuring a purpose-built set; it is used to educate visitors about safety and citizenship with the ultimate aim of reducing crime and improving quality of life.

The life wise centre can offer lots of new skills you can learn here are a few of them…

• Fire safety

• Personal safety

•online safety

• Anti-bullying awareness

•drug and alcohol awareness

• Cycle safety

• targeted intervention

•mobility scooter safety

•coaching and mentoring

• Life-like and unique training facilities

• And much more...

The first scene we went to was in the NHS entrance, where we got taught first aid and there we learnt how to perform the recovery position, we learnt what to do if we see someone bleeding to death. We also got taught what to do if you see someone laid on the floor, all you do is go to them and move there head back and check if they are breathing, then place them into the recovery position while you await arrival of the ambulance service.

The second scene we went to was the park where we was taught about Health and Wellbeing. There we learnt about how much exercise you should do In a day, for a teenager the average exercise per day is 1 hour. We did a bit of Zumba dancing as a warm up then we moved on to some communication games which we had to walk on these big flip flop feet and have a race. After that we did team walking plank game where you have two people on these long planks of wood and you had to use communication skills to tell each other which direction to go. Finally we did a blind folded activity where we had to have a bean bag on our head and tell our partner where to walk and what obstacles were in the way, (but I think there were a bit of cheating going on).

The third scene was at the pub/co-op where we learnt about personal safety. We did this with a group called safe @ last who work with young people who have ran away from home for lots of different reasons, abuse, relationship breakdown, parents split up, bullying at school, religious/cultural beliefs, sexuality. With these we did a quiz about how many people run away a year, and stuff like that. If you ever need help if you have/thinking of left/leaving home then call this number 0800 335 7233(safe)

The third scene was at a pelican crossing where we learnt about road safety. We had to work in a group and investigate an accident that had happened between a car with Jeremy Clarkson in and a person crossing the road. The driver’s illegal problems were he had his phone, there were weed in his car, and he had a can of alcohol, he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and he was driving without a valid tax disc. We came to the conclusion that the person crossing the road was to blame as he was listening to music and he didn’t use the allocated crossing. However we learnt that in this incident both driver and pedestrian were to blame.

The fourth scene was in a café were we got taught about internet safety where we watched a power point about how to stay safe. We was looking at what you shouldn’t put Facebook. We got told about what people have put on and got into serious trouble with the police about what they had said. We learnt about sexting, and the dangers that this can lead too.

The last scene was in the house where we learnt about fire safety. We was debating how often you should check the fire alarm (in most cases you don’t have to check it, just let my mum cook and it will go off). We was looking round the bedroom and spotting out all of the hazards, there were hair straighteners on the bed, a candle on the TV, a hazardous gas (hair spray) on the windowsill, a cup of water next to a laptop, and lots more. Then we had to find a way of to cover the gaps in door so the smoke couldn’t get in, all you need to do is find a coat or towel and put it on the bottom of door.

Did you know…

• You are supposed to do 1 hour of exercise a day

• You should have fire alarms at top and bottom of stairs and in the hallway

• Test it Tuesday, you should test your alarm at least once a week

• Change your battery once every year

• Road accidents are the most common death of teenagers

• If a car is going at 30mph it takes them 23 meters to stop the car

• Girls are more likely to run away from home than boys

• People tend to run away the most at the age of 13-15

• 100,000 young people under the age of 16 run away from

Home each year


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3 VOYCE members went to some leadership training on Wednesday 24th July 2013.

... It should have cost £2000 each but we got some free places from Sheffield futures, so we could have the training.

Here is all about the day…

Conventions (rules)-

• Respect

• Use 1st name

• One voice

• Support each other

• Get involved

• Enjoy it and have fun


• Connect to and learn from each other

• Develop understanding of your own leadership potential

• Raise self-awareness and understanding practical skills to aid future careers and activities


What we did…

1. Fears and hopes- when we did this activity we had to write down a FEAR and screw the piece of paper up and throw them at each other then pick one up and read it out. Then we had to right a HOPE down and do the same

2. Box challenge- what we had to do was get into a group and we got given photos of outside and around the church where there was a clue for us. When we found all the clues we went back inside and decide what we had to do to open the box, inside was either a box of celebrations or you would get squirted with tomato ketchup. Then we found a question sheet and where we had to answer the questions and then we figured out the way to open the box. It turned out that you had to pull a stick out put it in somewhere else and open the lid 2 inches high then you opened it. We did it right so we got the chocolates (yummy). That was fun.

3. Knot game- we had two big groups and we had to hold 2 different peoples hand to tie our self-up. Then we had to unknot our knot without letting go of the hands.

4. Objects- all of us should have brought 1 item/object in that represents us. Then we had 1 minute to talk about why we chose that item and what it means to us.

5. Most/least powerful- in groups we had been given an envelope full of pictures of famous people. We had to decide who was the most powerful and who was the least powerful. That was really hard as we all had different opinions.

6. Our thoughts- for this there were four different groups around different areas like bullying, crimes, school. We had an advisor in our group to discuss what we can do in the groups. Then we went to the front and presented our ideas and the advisors asked questions about what we will do to make this happen.

Here are the advisors names and what they do…

• Sue Hughes, business support manager, Sheffield Hallam university

• Cllr Sioned-Mair Richards, labour councillor for Shire green and Brightside

• Inspector Simon Mottram, South Yorkshire Police

• Ernie Opuni, peer review manager, local government association


7. Final thoughts- we had to say one thing we have got out of going to the training.


All of us really enjoyed it and I would do it again

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